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World’s most popular destinations for medical tourists

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Tukang-jalan.com [The Jakarta Post Tuesday February 24, 2015 | jakpost.travel/Keshie Hernitaningtyas] – HEALTHCARE tourism, where patients travel abroad to access medical treatment, is largely driven by the desire to cut costs.

Cheaper treatments, minimal delay, and excellent tourism infrastructure are just some of the things that make certain countries attractive destinations for international patients.

Here’s 9 of the world’s most popular healthcare destinations according to recent data released by Paul W. Tracey Solicitors.

  1. Mexico with an average savings of40-65 percent – using US costs across a variety of specialties and procedures as a benchmark – its no wonder this country made the top of the list, with the number of medical tourists reaching between 200,000 and 1.1 million a year.

Specializing in dentistry (general, restorative, cosmetic), Mexico is home to seven JCI-accredited facilities and conveniently requires no wait-times for treatment.

The Joint Commission International (JCI) is an international affiliate agency launched by the US-based Joint Commission in 1999 to respond to global demand for accreditation standards. In order to be accredited by the JCI, an international hospital must meet the same set of rigorous standards set forth in the US by the Joint Commission.

  1. Malaysia

Specializing in orthopedics (joint, spine, sports medicine), Malaysia welcomes more than 600,000 medical tourists a year. Roughly 40 of the country’s 113 private hospital serve international patients.

With an average savings of 65-80 percent, medical care in Malaysia is said to be roughly 30-50 percent cheaper than in neighboring Singapore.

  1. Singapore

Home to 14 JCI-accredited facilities, Singapore receives around 550,000 medical tourists a year.

Specializing in ophthalmology, the country’s healthcare system is one of the world’s best and international patients can expect to save around 25-40 percent.

  1. Thailand

At least 500,000 medical tourists visit Thailand a year for savings somewhere in the  neighborhood of 50-70 percent.

A popular choice for those seeking spinal surgery, the country has 32 JCI-accredited hospitals and over 900 physicians at its Bumrungrad International Hospital.

  1. India

Home to 21 JCI-accredited hospitals as well as some of the world’s best doctors. India is said to offer medical savings of around 65-90 percent.

Specializing in cardiology, the country welcomes up to 250,000 medical tourists a year.

  1. South Korea

Welcoming more than 200,000 medical travelers, South Korea boats 32 JCI-accredited hospitals and clinics as well as more than 25 modern international hospitals.

Specializing in oncology, medical savings in the country are said to be 30-45 percent.

  1. Turkey

Specializing in transplants, Turkey is a favorite destinations for medical tourists: up to 110,000 of them visit the country each year.

Along with savings of 50-65 percent, the country also offers 51 JCI-accredited hospitals and over 1,200 public and private hospitals.

  1. Brazil

Famous among those seeking cosmetic surgery, Brazil welcomes more than 50,000 medical tourists each year who enjoy medical savings of 20-30 percent.

Other than having 40 JCI-accredited providers, the country also has some of the world’s best in Vitro Fertilization (IVF) centers.

  1. Israel

Specializing in fertility, Israel also made the list thanks to 40,000 medical tourists visiting the country each year.

With average savings of 30-84 percent, Israel has 11 JCI-accredited hospitals, medical and nursing school. Israel is also home to Ivo Pitanguy, the world’s , most renowned plastic surgeon.

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